Saturday, October 3, 2009

Related Accessories : JanSport Classic SuperBreak Backpack

I decided to buy this backpack because my dog literally ate my other one. I was in a great hurry to buy another backpack of high quality, so I knew that I needed a Jansport. I bought the Super Break backpack in Orchid Corduroy. In case there is another person interested in this color, I really like it; it is what I wanted. Imagine the color of lilacs. The backpack has only a large compartment and a smaller one for your pens, etc.

Now to describe the backpack: The main compartment seems to be big enough for an average sized college textbook, a small book, a planner, a small 3-ring binder, a notebook, and a few loose papers. Right now I am taking a summer class, so I have few books to carry. In the fall, however, I will probably carry an average of six books each day to class. The good news is that with all of these items to carry for my summer class, there is still a large amount of room left. I would estimate that this backpack could carry about 3 average sized textbooks, a few smaller books, and a planner (with creative stacking). I also carry my lunch in my backpack, and a water; these fit in the pack well.

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