Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shoe Care and Cleaning : Eclectic Shoe Goo

There are a handful of "miracle" products out there that end up exceeding expectations in a marvelous way. This is one of them. I picked up a tube of this stuff at the local "variety store" to re-attach the sole of a pair of nearly new Adidas running shoes (I'm not giving those 5 stars!). Two years later, the shoe is beginning to fall apart, but the sole, yes sir, is still hanging tough. I've used this product in a number of different applications where I used to use 100% silicon adhesive with the major difference that they NEVER need to be re-glued once glued with SHOE GOO. You better not want to un-glue what you apply this stuff to, because you won't. Anyway, quite the amazing product and a solid 5 stars. Every household should have a tube for those tough jobs.

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